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When was the last time you did something that was outside of your normal routine? We are so accustomed to our daily routines and going through the motions, when was the last time we stepped out of our comfort zone? We’re creatures of habit. We hear about breaking bad habits but what if we don’t realize our daily routines are our bad habits?

Being uncomfortable teaches us things about ourselves we otherwise wouldn’t have known. In different social situations, discomfort sets in based on who’s there, what the topic of discussion is, among many other elements. Discomfort even comes from…

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The little things through life can sometimes be the most awakening moments we have. It can be a smell that brings back a fond memory. Seeing an animal that was a loved one’s favorite. Or it could be an image that makes you realize you aren’t as “woke” as you thought you were.

A Text

As someone who uses emojis and GIFs somewhat regularly while texting, I’ve become somewhat accustomed to seeing the same images over and over. But the other day I was texting a friend and she sent the fingers crossed emoji but it was black.

I never think or…

We all know about the Holocaust. The atrocities that took place in 1939–1944, they’re unforgettable. So after nearly 100 years, why are we letting it happen again?

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most sinister people who ever walked the earth. As someone who initiated and allowed the killing of millions of people, there has never been another person on earth who has ever replicated such atrocities.

Hitler groomed the German people for years to buy into his system. He knew Germany was weak and saw an opportunity to rebuild, strengthen, and bring German citizens back to prosperity. To guide…

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Over the past 100 years, the America we’ve come to know is a far cry from what our history books taught us about this country. We learned that America had opportunities for everyone and that along the way there were a few hiccups but we were able to collectively move past them. The hiccups just happened to include the Native American Genocide, racism, slavery, corrupt politicians, and 99% of wealth being held by 1% of the population. You know, some minor hiccups. …

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If you didn’t know, we’re currently in a seller’s market. This is because there is a shortage of homes but there are tons of people looking to buy. So, if you’re thinking of selling your home and cashing in, you’ll want to take some of these tips into consideration to maximize your efforts.

Find Your Strategy

Currently, many homes are on the market for two weeks before they’re sold (above the asking price). While a quick sale is nice, an important factor is the initial asking price. Understanding your home’s value, what it may appraise for, and what other homes are selling for…

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On any given day, we’ll most likely find ourselves having some sort of encounter with our neighbors. Whether we want the interaction to occur is another story. What’s more important is that we often don’t know who our neighbors truly are. For some, a neighbor is their best friend or a family member. For others, it’s the annoying person who revs their cars in the morning and can’t figure out how to bring in their trash cans. …

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Originally called the Chicago Eight, the Chicago Seven consisted of seven political activists who took part in the riots of Chicago in 1968. The Chicago protests were in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, and to protest the Vietnam War.

Several political activist leaders were in attendance, were arrested, and charged with criminal conspiracy, the incitement to riot, and crossing state lines to incite riots.

The trials were a large conspiracy theory by the government to prove that the riots were incited by protestors, not the police, which is still a heavily contested issue…

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We live in a society where the truth is no longer a matter of fact. It is an arbitrary element that changes with the wind.

Growing up, we were told to always tell the truth no matter what the consequences were. In a court of law, we are told to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We expect the truth in our everyday lives. Whether it’s at work, with friends, or online, we expect the truth.

What About Truth?

We, unfortunately, live in a time where the truth is hard to find and hard to come by. When we read…

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These past four years have felt like an eternity for some. For others, it felt like a party they never wanted to end. The past four years with Donald Trump as president were like none other in the history of this country.

We went from a time when politics were known but weren't shoved in our faces on a daily basis. We went from minor disagreements with people to purging all social media accounts of people who didn’t believe in the same things we believed in. We learned that if there’s one thing most of America can agree on, it’s…

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Four years ago we were introduced to the Ball family. A family of three basketball-playing brothers who were some of the most notorious and promising upcoming talents in the country. The oldest, Lonzo, committed to play for UCLA and was a projected lottery pick before he’d even stepped onto the court. The middle son, LiAngelo, wasn’t flashy but was touted as being an NBA role player one day. The youngest, Lamelo, was under his older brother's tutelage and was thought to be even better than Lonzo when the time came.

But it wasn’t the talent of the brothers that brought…

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