Are we on the verge of another Holocaust?

Nathaniel Winans
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We all know about the Holocaust. The atrocities that took place in 1939–1944, they’re unforgettable. So after nearly 100 years, why are we letting it happen again?

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most sinister people who ever walked the earth. As someone who initiated and allowed the killing of millions of people, there has never been another person on earth who has ever replicated such atrocities.

Hitler groomed the German people for years to buy into his system. He knew Germany was weak and saw an opportunity to rebuild, strengthen, and bring German citizens back to prosperity. To guide Germany back from the rubble of World War I and bring it back to its glory. Hitler wanted to Make Germany Great Again!


Prior to the First World War, Germany was a powerful nation. A prosperous nation that was known for its engineering, science, steel production, and financing. Germany was a prosperous nation.

Germany was seeing tremendous economic growth but as their allies began to enter into conflicts, Germany and the Central Powers began their fight to ensure they remained free, sovereign nations who could continue to operate as they had been. Friedrich Wilhelm thought entering the war would be a good option to continue Germany’s rise to a prosperous nation and to show support for their allies. However, the decision to enter was what allowed Hitler to enter the limelight.

Hitler’s Ascent

As Hitler navigated his tumultuous life, the German National army piqued his interest and he felt he finally found his purpose. To him, he just found his shining moment to prove to everyone that he could amount to something great which catapulted him into one of the most notorious murderers of all time.

Hitler quickly became a revered ranking officer and grew support from other up-and-coming officers. As the Nazis grew their support, they began their Make Germany Great Again campaign by boosting the German economy. There would be no more outsourcing. There would be products and goods made in Germany again. People would be able to look at their country and be proud of it. National support would return to an all-time high through hard work, a strong economy, and strong national pride.

Nazism Took Over

As power continued to rise for Hitler and his supporters, the initial vision changed. While they continued to build Germany back to its once strong state, they began to remove those who opposed their movement.

As domestic officials spoke out against the methods for returning to glory, they were quickly exiled from the party and hated amongst Hitler's strongest allies. Essentially, any German who opposed the new vision for Germany was thrown to the wayside and would not be tolerated.

These people were brought to remote locations and held there as political prisoners. In addition to these domestic terrorists, the criteria for the groups began to mount. Others such as gay, transgender, and left-wing supporters were added to these camps of political prisoners.

As Hitler's opposers began to vanish, his supporters continued to laud him. He was treated as the reincarnated Christ. He was lauded by his supporters so much so that no matter what he said or did, he was doing it for the betterment of his country and his citizens.

While the face of the movement appeared to be for the good of Germany, Hitler collected his reward. Hitler was involved in various German industries resulting in policies favoring his interests. As these interests became public knowledge, his supporters were more concerned with their own wealth than that of their dear leader. This helped solidify Hitlers teeth into his German citizens and continue his push for removing anyone who stood in his way.


As Hitler continued his ascent to Germany’s highest power, support from other countries became apparent. Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and Peru supported Hitler and his movement and began to help them on the German front while countries who opposed waged war on Germany.

Germany was on the verge of expansion, one that had not been seen since Russia’s Nicholas The Czar. Germany began to advance across Poland, Norway, and the Netherlands, gaining supporters and distinguishing anyone who opposed.

Hitler's army was growing, Germany appeared strong, and the world was taking notice. It was now apparent that Germany was on a mission to create a society that consisted of their specific vision. Clearly there was a superior race and it was the one who made up his supporting cast- white, god loving, nationalists who loved Germany.

Hitler understood his base better than anyone and loved holding rallies to fire up his supporters and show how large the movement was. The news began to only show what Hitler and the government wanted citizens to be shown. Politicians who were younger began to sway their views to hopefully emulate Hitler one day and continue his vision. Hitler saw his party’s direction and wanted to groom Germany, and maybe the world’s future generations.


The future for Hitler was far away but became one step closer every day. Hitler finally understood the magnitude of his influence and determined the time to fully launch his global campaign. But as the campaign exploded, Germany found their weakness, the value of money.

German citizens began seeing a decrease in their countries overall worth and the economy began to show weaknesses. Hitler assured his citizens that the economy was strong, the actual truth showed otherwise.

Germans began to bring this concerning economy to Hitler but he continued to assure them it was a mere hiccup. The economy was in fact worse than it had ever been. The rest of the world recognized the initial struggle from within Germany and forwarded their attack to try to restore Germany to a once again peaceful nation.

Germany’s internal struggles mounted and Hitler truly fell into question among his most staunch supporters. If what he was saying was true, how was Germany failing? Why weren’t they rich and prosperous like they were told they’d be? After all, it was years and years of false promises being made to Germans.

Hitler's army began to crack and high-ranking officers began to break rank. This left Hitlers army weakened and overall strategy in shambles. The war was being lost on the battlefield and within.


With Germany beginning to be recognized as a fraud, Hitler capitalized on his window of opportunity to get out while he was still somewhat revered to try to salvage his vision. But unfortunately for him, it was too late.

The atrocities of imprisoned people and millions of murders came to light and warded off Hitlers remaining allies. Hitler was recognized as a fraud, a conman, a snake oil salesman. But no matter how much negative publicity was released about him, there were still many who recognized the potential and still believed in the vision. To this day some people believe he should be revered for his visions and knowledge.


The uncanny comparison of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler should be shocking. Much of this information revolves around what Hitler did and how it was accomplished. But when you replace Trump's name with Hitler's in far too many situations, you realize Trump was/is attempting a similar scenario.

Trump supporters are still standing by after knowing he lies to their face on a daily basis. (Over 30,000 lies told in his four years.) Supporters are still out in strong numbers disregarding the weakened economy and failure to navigate them through a pandemic. His supporters believe that those on the left should be ousted and if you don’t believe in the vision, you should just leave the country.

The resemblances between Trump and Hitler should be eye opening and shocking. This needs to be the wake-up call America needs. America isn’t in a war with other nations, it’s internally struggling to ensure another civil war doesn’t break out… let alone a world war. Think. Educate. Be curious. Did Trump create a holocaust, no. Did he kill millions of people, no. Did his rhetoric and actions incite violence, domestic terrorism, and extreme nationalism, absolutely! Don’t forget, it’s public knowledge that Trump supports Hitler’s ideology and based on his actions, there could be a scary reality coming to America.



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