Are we on the verge of another Holocaust?

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most sinister people who ever walked the earth. As someone who initiated and allowed the killing of millions of people, there has never been another person on earth who has ever replicated such atrocities.


Prior to the First World War, Germany was a powerful nation. A prosperous nation that was known for its engineering, science, steel production, and financing. Germany was a prosperous nation.

Hitler’s Ascent

As Hitler navigated his tumultuous life, the German National army piqued his interest and he felt he finally found his purpose. To him, he just found his shining moment to prove to everyone that he could amount to something great which catapulted him into one of the most notorious murderers of all time.

Nazism Took Over

As power continued to rise for Hitler and his supporters, the initial vision changed. While they continued to build Germany back to its once strong state, they began to remove those who opposed their movement.


As Hitler continued his ascent to Germany’s highest power, support from other countries became apparent. Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and Peru supported Hitler and his movement and began to help them on the German front while countries who opposed waged war on Germany.


The future for Hitler was far away but became one step closer every day. Hitler finally understood the magnitude of his influence and determined the time to fully launch his global campaign. But as the campaign exploded, Germany found their weakness, the value of money.


With Germany beginning to be recognized as a fraud, Hitler capitalized on his window of opportunity to get out while he was still somewhat revered to try to salvage his vision. But unfortunately for him, it was too late.


The uncanny comparison of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler should be shocking. Much of this information revolves around what Hitler did and how it was accomplished. But when you replace Trump's name with Hitler's in far too many situations, you realize Trump was/is attempting a similar scenario.



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