How Hard Is It to Spell Correctly?

Nathaniel Winans
3 min readDec 10, 2020


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It’s 2020 and we have technology at our fingertips nearly every second of every day. As human beings, we’ve had thousands, millions of years to advance our forms of communication, yet, there are still too many people who can’t spell correctly.

Could it be a lack of knowledge? There were 56.4 million students who “attended” school in 2020 and the average dropout rate is 5.4%. Maybe? Not everyone has the ability or access to attend public or private schools in the United States, however, there are far too many graduates who aren’t able to put a complete sentence together without any grammatical errors.

The United States’ education system is broken, we know this. Testing students the way we currently do is not conducive to a productive learning environment. This being said, how is it that people can’t utilize American English to the best of their ability?


Not everyone loves to communicate, however, communication is essential in today’s society. With social media, online communication, and in-person communication driving business forward, there should be a certain standard that people can at least adhere to.

One of the most common issues of how we communicate is because of social media. People want to put out a quick thought on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, you name it. They often don’t care about how things were spelled or if they’re grammatically correct because it’s social media. Who cares about social media? Well, there are millions of people on social media and if a future employer sees that someone isn’t able to put a coherent statement together, that can be somewhat shocking to them.

If someone spells lose, loose, that’s a problem. Loose has a different meaning than lose. When it comes to there, they’re, and their, they have a different meaning. It shouldn’t be difficult or troubling to determine which word to choose.

We have technology that tells us if something is spelled wrong. We can look up words or check grammar on the internet or ask someone. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spelling and utilizing the correct form of a word.

My grandma was an English teacher and always hounded me when it came to using the correct word in a sentence, spelling, writing, grammar, everything to do with the English language. I found a love for the English language because of how diverse and unique it can be when used properly. I understand that not everyone feels the same nor cares about being grammatically correct, but I just wonder if it’s that difficult to do.

How can it be that business professionals send emails to others that are riddled with mistakes? Why is it ok that celebrities and government officials misspell words on social media? There shouldn’t be a standard level of English that everyone must obtain, but there should be a certain age where simple mistakes are no longer acceptable.

English isn’t an easy language by any means, but a little effort truly does go a long way.



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