What Do You Want From the Murder of Cannon Hinnant?

Nathaniel Winans
3 min readAug 15, 2020
Photo credit: Max Kleinen

In the past week, a five-year-old boy was murdered in Wilson, North Carolina. Any time there is a murder, people are justifiably upset and your heart goes out to them. This is especially true when the victim is a child.

Cannon was riding his bike outside of his house when a man, Darius Sessoms, shot and killed him in front of his siblings. The crime does not appear to have any motive at this time.

The tragic event has garnered national and international attention and donations are being made to the family to help them pay for the funeral and support the family in their time of need.

I think and believe what happened is an absolute nightmare for any parent and family, I am just wondering what more can/should be done.

There is so much going around on social media about people want more for Cannon and that the story isn’t gathering as many headlines as George Floyd did. The reason for this is because Cannon’s murderer was arrested and will be charged in court. He will most likely spend the remainder of his life in prison and the family is receiving donations from around the world.

So, I ask again, what more do people want? If there is anything that can be done it is tightening gun laws so not everyone can have them. If the story is true about Darius not being in the right mindset at the time of the shooting, how and why was someone who is mentally unstable able to own or acquire a gun?

The only way to stop the murdering of innocent children at the hands of guns is to restrict guns. Do you think it is wise to arm a five-year-old with a gun? Is that the right answer? Cannon and his sisters were out front of their house, on their property, in their neighborhood. How can this act of violence be prevented going forward? The unfortunate answer at this time is that it can’t.

The call for asking for more attention than George Floyd goes to show how racist this country is. The fact that police officers who are supposed to protect and serve citizens murdered a man they arrested for a crime he did not commit is the issue. The issue for so many people is that a black man was able to get more headlines, attention, and support than a white boy.

People are upset that a black man who was allegedly on drugs was given more attention because, in America, black people die at the hands of police officers all too often compared to white people. These people are even more upset because Cannon was killed by a black man which means their racism levels are even higher because they want the death sentence for him.

In a country where it is easier to acquire a gun than it is health insurance, why are we more surprised that a boy was shot and killed than someone being killed by the police? People are shot and killed on a daily basis in this country. 100 Americans are killed every day with a gun. Where is the outrage for all of them? I can guarantee that at least one person of color falls in that category. Where is that outrage?

You can be upset about different situations that occur, but you cannot act surprised when people die at the hands of guns in this country. People in this country want more guns and it’s proven that gun rights lobbyists have increased spending since Trump came into office.

This is not to say that the president is to blame, he has more than enough dead people on his body count from COVID-19. The issue with this administration is that they push racism and people follow along. Why else would people be more upset about a white boy being murdered by a black man than a black man being murdered by police? Black people don’t want more- they want equal.



Nathaniel Winans

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