What Happened When I Joined the Donald Trump Mailing List

Nathaniel Winans
6 min readJun 10, 2020


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After seeing hundreds of ads over the past several years to support Donald Trump, I figured I’d sign up for the mailing list to see what it was all about. I signed up knowing there would be plenty of campaign donation requests, but there was more that really caught my eye.

Email 1 — Welcome to the Team

The first email welcomed me to the “team” to promote that we’re all in this together. The next sentence is what really stuck out to me. “We are up against an unhinged left-wing mob, a Democratic party that has embraced radical socialism, and the FAKE NEWS media that will NENER tell the truth about all of our accomplishments.” So…wow. That was a lot to digest right off the bat.

It is interesting that Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, is constantly painted as the “classic” politician who hasn’t changed much over the years. Sure, that’s fine. But, how can he be considered part of today’s radical left-wing mob if his policies are described as old school?

It then goes on to mention the fake news is filtering the real news about Trump and to sign up for text updates about the campaign. In addition to the entire email being extremely plain and featuring a terribly cropped photo of Trump, the email is short and concise. As long as you can make it through the misinformation about the Democratic party, the first email was a great welcome to the Trump team.

Email 2 — How is President Trump Doing?

Thankfully, I only waited three days for the next email in this campaign and it was a survey. My voice will be heard and can let the Trump campaign know how I feel!

It opened with high praise for the president and continued to bash the Democrats saying how they were always obstructing and constantly lying. It continued with a list of accomplishments but didn’t go in-depth, just simply listed what has been done. This list included:

  • Tax cuts for middle-class Americans
  • Demolishing ISIS
  • Construction on the wall
  • Record fundraising from grassroots supporters
  • A booming economy and so much more!

Yes, those are the exact words. So, to quickly break down this amazing list of accomplishments, let’s start at the top.

  • Tax cuts for the middle-class were also made for the 1%ers as well, not specifically the middle-class.
  • ISIS was not demolished. They still exist and were still not founded by former president Barack Obama.
  • The wall has had work done, but only to existing structures in place.
  • Record fundraising, now my attention has peaked. The billionaire who ran for president has raised even more money by having people literally donate money to increase his wealth. I am so glad to hear that!
  • The booming economy was nice, however, it was short-lived due to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To then go on to say much more is a great copout as there was nothing left to discuss…that’s it.

The email includes a sentence shortly after the list about how the media is never honest about the president’s accomplishments and consistently lie.

It went on to talk about how the president never cares about what the media thinks and how he only cares what I think. I find that very ironic because just a quick look through his Twitter feed, it appears there are plenty of tweets complaining about the media and discrediting anyone who goes against him.

And now, the piece-de-resistance. The actual survey. Finally, I can get my voice out! “How would you rate President Trump’s job performance? Great, good, okay, other.”

Yes, that‘s the survey. A one-question survey about if he is doing great, good, okay, or other. This is great because any time there are polls that are not in his favor, he bashes them because they are one-sided and against him. It’s interesting that the rhetoric that he pushes about fake and inaccurate polling is practiced in his own campaign. Unfortunately, I had to choose other.

Email 3 — Will You Vote Trump in 2020?

At this point, I am anxious to receive the next email because I am part of the team and my voice is able to be heard. What great news!

It opened with, “Democrats are energizing their socialist base with a long list of radical presidential candidates. They all have their sights set on taking back the White House in 2020 and implementing their extremist agenda. The mainstream media is already predicting a Trump defeat in 2020, just like they did in 2016.”

The Democratic party does not represent socialism. The statement is also inaccurate because there is only one candidate at this point, they clearly don’t update these emails often.

Thankfully there was a poll beneath that statement — “Who will you vote for in 2020? President Trump or a Socialist Democrat” Wow. Either a president or a socialist, that is a tough decision.

It closed with another statement saying they want to win BIG LEAGUE in 2020. Another opportunity to cover up a misspelling and bungle by the president who can’t spell bigly.

Email 4 — MAGA Hat Discount Code

At this point, I felt completely misinformed and ready to take on any radical Democrat. This email was perfect because I finally had my opportunity to get some swag to show off to all of those liberal snowflakes.

“We want to make sure you get your hands on the most iconic political merchandise ever, the red Make America Great Again hat.” Never in the history of this country would the founding fathers think someone would take the position of president for their own personal gain. This is exactly where we have landed though. A president who is selling advertisements to make money for himself.

It then went on to say “this hat is the symbol of our movement, and no matter what the liberal mob does we will always wear our Make America Great Again gear PROUDLY.”

So in order to show people that I am not a socialist, I hate the news, I hate Democrats, and that I hate every political figure who isn’t Donald Trump, I need to buy a MAGA hat. That is very interesting. Thankfully there was a 20% discount on the $25 hat so it was more affordable. No wonder he donates his $400,000 annual salary. If they sell just 20,000 hats at $25 apiece, that’s $500,000 alone. When t-shirts, flags, banners, stickers, etc. are also added to the equation, there are millions of dollars coming in each year on just swag alone.

But thankfully they could offer a 20% discount for the hat, greatly appreciated.

Emails 5 and 6

There were two more emails that followed which asked for my signature on a birthday card for the president to know he is loved and adored by his supporters. If that isn’t an egomaniacal, narcissist, I’m not sure what is.


All of these emails are crafted by marketing professionals who understand their demographic. Each is meant to make each recipient feel special and was made just for them.

So, why is it that they purposely exclude commas and make grammatical mistakes? Either they don’t care, or that goes to show how little they think of their supporters. That their supporters are not able to read or write properly so their grammar is lacking.

Each email made me sick to my stomach and filled me with disgust, false information, and a feeling of pandering to their base.

These emails solidified the fact that whenever the president and his campaign say their opponent is doing something incorrect and divide the country, it’s themselves who are being divisive.

I am not out to sway a vote or change the world, but I do want to inform on actual information and show things for what they truly are.

Each email is propaganda to share more lies and misinformation about Trump’s opponents so it makes it more and more difficult for the actual truth to be revealed.



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