Why Can’t People Take COVID Seriously?

Nathaniel Winans
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We’re in October and in many parts of the country, we’re still in quarantine due to state mandates. In New York, we have been home since March…eight months ago, and things still haven’t changed. Information from the top down is still muddled and murky, facts are still distorted, statistics can’t be trusted, and we were just told today by the president to not be afraid of COVID.

The Beginning

When COVID first showed up in the United States, we were told that things would never get bad and that it would go away quickly. For many Americans, I think that was the hope. It would be similar to the flu and go away relatively quickly. We were told that lie over, and over, and over, and over. Now, after eight months of COVID being in the United States, there are over 208,000 deaths. For those who say it’s no worse than the flu, the common flu kills between 12,000 and 60,000 Americans each year. So, although COVID has a 98% survival rate, it has killed nearly four times as many as the flu.

The Science

As time went on, we were told to sanitize our hands constantly, wash with warm water and soap, you know, standard hygiene. After eight months, it appears it has finally been honed in that the disease is strictly airborne. After being told to wear gloves and not touch our eyes, masks were the appropriate deterrent all along. The issue, people didn’t want to wear them. Why? Because the president said not to.

Scientists around the world have come out to say that masks are a helpful preventative for COVID and that if everyone wore a mask for three weeks, the virus would decrease drastically. However, people have taken to the streets to show their displeasure with being told what to do.

In America, we need to wear clothes to get into a store. We need to wear a seatbelt to be safe in a car. We need to look both ways before crossing the road. So, why is it that people don’t have an issue with this but with a mask? It’s literally a matter of life and death but because they were told to do something by the president, that’s the path they’ll take.

Science is hypothesized, tested, tested again, and tested more, to then provide a conclusive result. The issue with science right now is that it’s unfolding before our eyes. We’re being told that because scientist’s initial hypotheses and tests were wrong that science is a lie. Well, for anyone who took rudimentary science or understands why bandaids help prevent further bleeding, science is not made up. Science is in fact very real and extremely important.

Millions of people die each year because of cancer and although smoking is a leading cause, people still smoke. The science behind COVID is factual, there is truth to it. The issue is that at the top, there is misinformation because that proves that they’re blatant liars from the beginning saying it was going to go away within a few weeks. Well, eight months later and it’s still here.

The President Gets COVID

It was only a matter of time before the president contracted COVID and it happened over the weekend. The president was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center and was under careful supervision for three days and was released today to return to the White House. So, as citizens, if we contract or come in contact with someone who has COVID, why do we need to quarantine for 10–14 days but the president can go amongst his business and come in contact with people after three days?

When he was released he said that COVID wasn’t that bad and that Americans shouldn’t live in fear of it. Well, what about the 208,000 dead Americans? What about the million people that died around the world because of the virus? Something that is harmless doesn’t kill people.

The president was given the best healthcare available in the country and surrounded by 20 of the best doctors in the country. He had a full range of medications that are paid for by taxpayers and was given the presidential suite in the hospital. The visit to Walter Reed was essentially a weekend at one of the president’s resorts, the only difference was that he couldn’t go out and meet guests who paid hundreds of dollars to see him. Instead, he drove around the hospital to see fans, yes fans, to wave at them.

In other countries, politicians are viewed as servants of the people. Politicians are duly elected officials who serve every citizen in that country and work tiresomely to improve the lives of everyone. Other countries find it astonishing that people are so in love with a politician who doesn’t even bring his own country together and uses divisive tactics to make himself look better.

COVID is not a hoax. COVID is not harmless. COVID is not a joke. We are eight months into COVID in America and we have barely taken any steps forward. When are we going to get back to our lives? When is the economy going to recover, not the stock market, the ECONOMY?

Why is it so hard for people to see that 208,000 Americans dead is a real issue? Why is it so hard to see that one million deaths worldwide is a serious issue? It might be better if the president just says a random number, one billion deaths, because then people will take it seriously. We live in a time when facts and statistics don’t matter. The only thing that matters to people are the incorrect statement that the president pushes on a daily basis…and is proven wrong time and time again. Take COVID seriously, for everyone’s sake.



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